12 Lead ECG Classes

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Healthcare Provider Authorized Course

12 Lead ECG Interpretation

A systematic approach to 12-lead ECG interpretation is the focus of this course.

Course Description

  • Upon completion of this class the student will have the knowledge, skills and ability to interpret the 12 Lead ECG in detail in regards to the recognition of STEMI as related to specific heart anatomy along with the underlying etiology.

Course Content

  • Understanding ACS
  • Understanding STEMI Systems of Care
  • Basics of ACS and triage of STEMI patients
  • Naming the leads, regions of the heart
  • Measuring ST deviation and correlating regional changes
  • Acquiring an accurate ECG
  • Coronary anatomy related to 12-lead ECG
  • STEMI recognition and treatment
  • ECG mimics of STEMI
  • Indications for activating a Heart Alert System

Intended Audience

  • This course is intended for healthcare providers and students (EMS to in-hospital providers) who need to understand 12-lead ECGs and improve his/her STEMI recognition and assessment skills to identify potential STEMI patients.
  • Critical Care, Emergency Department and Pre-Hospital Care Providers
  • Students, LVN’s, RN’s, EMT’S,  and other Healthcare Professionals: This course is an excellent opportunity to refine and refresh your skills and/or verify your skills with your employer.


  • Basic arrhythmia course such as ECG & Pharmacology and/or clinical experience and knowledge in reading basic ECGs.

Course Duration

  • 4 hours

Course Completion

  • Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education approved by the BRN and BVNPT for Healthcare Providers
  • Receive the above on the same day!

Class Price

  • $120
  • Discounts available for individuals and groups
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